Crescent Center, Greenville, SC

As a Greenville, SC photography firm, our proximity to major cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Jacksonville, and Nashville is advantageous, however we travel extensively throughout the year. Having served clients throughout the United States, we would be glad to discuss your location needs regardless of where you are. Distance is not an obstacle to achieving your vision.

Award-winning Greenville, SC Photographers Jeff Sanders and Edie Ellison focus on creating beautiful photographs that capture our clients vision. Our eye for composition and detail, and our ability to work with our clients as a team help us to create images that speak for themselves.

Our goal is always to provide images that will be a valuable assets to our clients portfolio, while being respectful of their time. Our images have helped many clients win prestigious awards and have graced the pages of numerous magazines, both locally and nationally. We are very flexible and happy to work in a traditional way, or do a little thinking outside the box. We are always glad to answer any questions regarding scheduling or pricing, and will be glad to discuss your photographic needs in detail.

Living Room in Thornblade home, Greenville, SC