Commercial Property Photography

As a leading national architectural photographer, Accent Photography helps commercial property management firms with their portfolio images. We photograph properties for commercial real estate agents, apartment management companies, retail space management firms, and companies who manage multiple types of residential or commercial properties. Whether you are putting together a portfolio to sell a property, or you need outstanding images to promote rentals, we can help.

We work quickly and efficiently in working environments with a minimum of equipment so that current tenants experience the least interruption to their workflow.

Our photographers are discrete and professional, so that knowledge of pending property ownership transfers is not compromised.

Because of our extensive experience photographing many kinds of commercial properties, we understand what your portfolio needs to showcase. We can work without supervision if you need, or we can work with a member of your firm to achieve your goals.

Our staff has the capability of turning ordinary images into ones that capture the attention of your target audience and sell or rent your property. With our image enhancement techniques, we can help you achieve the look you want.

We specialize in capturing the essense of apartment living…the luxuries, the amenities, the sense of community. We know how to showcase your apartment complex so that future tennants will want to see it in person!

We travel throughout the year all over the United States. Please call us if you have a location outside Greenville, SC.