Accent Photography is an award-winning South Carolina real estate photographer. We have been working with real estate professionals for over 15 years. Our background in architectural and interior photography helps us excel in the real estate photography market. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, we photograph for real estate agents in the upstate as well as more distant locations. We go where you need us.

The real estate market is very volatile. Keeping your name in front of people as a top agent is difficult. It is essential that you always associate your business with professionalism and quality. Therefore, it is essential that you always display professional real estate listing photos with everything you sell. We have extensive experience in photographing homes at the best angles to showcase their prominent features, while creating intrigue so that prospective buyers want to see more.

Generally speaking, you only have one chance to capture the attention of a prospective home buyer. If the first images they see of a home are dark, indistinct, crooked and bland, they will simply move on to the next listing. Give your sellers the edge they deserve. They chose you as their agent and by providing their listing with excellent photographs of their home, you will always remain the best agent in their mind. That means repeat business for you. Let us help you earn their trust.

Real estate photography is part visual inspiration and part psychology. Speaking to the subconscious mind through photography is what we do best. Professional photography makes the difference between listings that motivate people and listings that can’t get any attention. Let us bring our years of experience and knowledge to your listings and secure your spot as the top agent in Greenville, SC. Put away your smart phone and give us a call!

We’ve had a lot of success with realtors, home owners and builders. Our equipment and experience in commercial architectural interior and exterior photography makes us a perfect candidate as a real estate and custom home builder photographer. Accent Photography is a well-published, award-winning commercial and residential property photographer with the ability to provide perspective-corrected and color balanced images for use in web and print. We have extensive experience in photographing at the best angles to showcase the prominent features of a home. We have many references, so you can be assured that you are working with a professional photographer whose experience meets your needs. Scroll below the slideshow to see a few of our YouTube virtual tours.

With the home market the way it is now, professional photography has proven itself to be highly beneficial to increased home sales. You only have one chance to capture the attention of potential home buyers. Call us today to see what we can do for you.