“As an Interior Decorator I’ve hired numerous photographers over the years and about five years ago was fortunate in hiring Accent Photography for a home photo shoot. I found Edie and Jeff to be extremely professional, very easy to work with and the final results of their photography are amazing! They are totally committed to making your photo shoot the best that it can be. I highly recommend Accent Photography for any photography needs!”–Joyce Means, Decorating Den Interiors

“Over the last 12 years, I have had the opportunity to do many professional photo shoots in the home decor area. Originally these shoots involved my own work, but as my love of the process grew, I was asked by several of my colleagues to assist them in the styling of their work both prior to and at the shoots. In these latter endeavors, I got to meet several photographers. I always approached them with a comparative eye to the photographer that I myself employed. In all cases they fell short. That is until I met Jeff Sanders and Edie Ellison. In the last 3 months, I have had the opportunity to work with this dynamic couple on two occasions. On my first encounter, I was immediately (and I mean immediately) taken by their approach to the entire process. Never have I seen anyone explain the digital world and how the finished product was a long and arduous process in which most of the work is done after the photo shoot is over. During several days work, they maintained a willing spirit to do whatever it takes to please their client. Their equipment enabled all concerned to view the shots immediately with absolutely no fuss. When the shoots were completed, they returned with their final output within a couple of days, something that is NOT the norm, in my experience. AND their final shots speak for themselves. They are all consistently magnificent. If you are looking for someone to capture design work at its best, look no farther. Jeff and Edie should be your clear choice”. – Tom Berta

“Absolutely terrific experience from initial walkthrough, to photo shoot, to end results. I was just blown away with the photos. I would sooner tell Picasso how to paint than tell you guys how you could improve.” – Brad Glass

“Convenient, efficient, well-priced, all around good choice for small companies needing professional product shots.” – Andrew

“Fab-u-lous! Excellent photos, terrific customer service, amazing creativity and a lot of patience.” – The Asher Agency

“I am a residential interior designer, so MY best form of advertising is my portfolio of the rooms I have designed. It is critical for the images in my portfolio to be professionally photographed to capture all the color and detail of my designs. I was so impressed by Accent Photography’s collection of photographs that were taken for other interior designers across the country that I decided to try their services for myself. I have to say, I could not have been more THRILLED with the results. Jeff and Edie travelled to New York to assist me, and worked beautifully around my schedule and the schedules of my clients. The photographs they took provided beautiful detail, interesting angles, perfect lighting and color, all of which combined to capture the true “feeling” of each of the rooms I had designed. Every shot they took looked like a page from a magazine. My portfolio is now fully up-to-date, and I am already reaping the benefits. I am now growing an even larger base of clients, many of whom comment specifically about how professional my portfolio looks! What a difference it makes to have the RIGHT photographer! Jeff and Edie, I cannot thank you enough!”–Sharon

“After careful perusal of Jeff Sanders’ photographs, I can state with conviction–Jeff’s work ranks with the highest practitioners of the profession.” – Alfred Browning Parker, Architect